Mamma Essie’s Drive Thru Elysium

Mamma Essie’s Drive-Thru Elysium

The Arcanist, December 2017

“She works nights at Sunny’s,” said Miguel. “At the drive-thru.”

“You’ve spoken with her?” asked Athan.

Miguel leaned in close, whispering over his half-empty beer. “I got somethin’ from her.”

Had Athan not worn a glamour disguise, his curled horns would have twitched.

“What?” he asked.

“This… feeling,” whispered Miguel. “I asked her for passion, man. Like, how I felt when I left the service. I had money and I had no boss or bills or nothin’. Just… everythin’ ahead.”

“She gave you that?” asked Athan, but he’d already decided to go to Sunny’s.

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