Giant Death Bees

July 2018, Mad Scientist Journal


VENUS SPRINGS, NEVADA, October 12th, 2019 /PRWorldWire

Genemech (NYSE: GMNX) today announced a bio-security incident originating in the company’s WN45 facility. WN45 is a classified advanced manufacturing site developing a range of products and technologies used by governments and industry around the world.

Our initial findings confirm that a premeditated act of sabotage has been carried out by a rogue scientist, Dr. Maximilian Benetton. Dr. Benetton led Genemech’s Genetically Enhanced Insecta Applied Research Lab (GEIARL), which uses Clustered-Regularly-Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeat (CRISPR) augmentation techniques to implant custom RNA code into genetic material. In a manifesto published online, Give me control of Genemech or my Giant Death Bees shall paint the skies with blood, Dr. Benetton advised that a new strain of genetically modified bees have been released, using enlarged Genemech Batch 2492M GMBee©™ honeybees enhanced with venom from the taipan, a highly venomous snake endemic to Australasia.

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