Club Fiends

Club Fiends

Aurealis Issue 121

The tube shudders and shrieks as it pulls into Camden. Ondine watches the flickering panels of colour reverse-fade into the familiar ads and posters lining the platform.

She checks her texts, seeing if Jamie might have replied as the reception kicks in again. A new one beeps in.

Gotta work tonight, promise it’s the last weekend. Xxx

She glances up to the person across the carriage. Not a person, not really, although his disguise gives some clues to his fantastic heritage.

The redcap across smiles and taps his hat. He snickers and leaps to his feet as the tube draws to a stop. The passengers stand and mill at the doors and the redcap shimmies closer to Ondine, although she ignores him as best she can, staring at the doors, willing them to open.

The train purrs and the lights flash a moment before the buzzing peal shakes the silence.

‘Safe journey with the Hunt, Pristine One,’ whispers the redcap, and he skips out to the stairs.

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