All that you are for all that you were

All That You Are For All That You Were

All That You Are For All That You Were

Acrylic and glitter on canvas

48 x 36 inches

For sale: $1,000 CAD

“She works nights at Sunny’s,” said Miguel. “At the drive-thru.”

“You’ve spoken with her?” asked Athan.

Miguel leaned in close, whispering over his half-empty beer. “I got somethin’ from her.”

Had Athan not worn a glamour disguise, his curled horns would have twitched.

“What?” he asked.

“This… feeling,” whispered Miguel. “I asked her for passion, man. Like, how I felt when I left the service. I had money and I had no boss or bills or nothin’. Just… everythin’ ahead.”

“She gave you that?” asked Athan, but he’d already decided to go to Sunny’s.

Read the accompanying story “Mamma Essie’s Drive Thru Elysium

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