Left over life to kill

Years ago I saw this photo online. It’s some kind of super-yacht, but it looked so dystopian to me. Like something a billionaire would sail on when the rest of the world has erupted into war and sunken under melting icewater.

he’d be totally fine in his yacht, enjoying the fine life while everyone else suffered. Then my imagination wandered… maybe it wasn’t just a billionaire relaxing. Maybe he was sailing the world, hunting out and killing the few remaining people.

I finally got round to writing a story about this. Of course it became more nuanced. There’s a killing machine in this story, a cyborg. Made from a real human. What would happen when the war finished? Would the killing machine still wander the world seeking out to perform its duty? What happened if the programming that kept it as a cold, ruthless monster, started to fail. What if it began to remember what it was before.

Who it was before.

Read Left Over Life to Kill in Nature Futures

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