The Whisper Place – audio story

A very short story of mine, The Whisper Place, has been narrated by The Centropic Oracle, aims to publish and showcase the artistic works of science fiction/fantasy short story writers and voice over actors in an audio-only format.

The story is narrated by Kenneth Tynan. The Centropic Oracle is run by editor Charly Thompson and producer Larissa Thompson.

The story is a dark, macabre tale that I wrote in the middle of summer on a beach in France where I was last year. I visualised it being set in the Musokas in Canada, or some similar foresty/east-coasty kind of place. It’s about a small town that’s uncovered a secret thing, deep underground. Something unknown. Something that whispers.

It’s inspired by Stephen King stories as well as a tale I read a few years ago in Mad Scientist Journal, Within the Pulse of Darkness by Luke Leery.

Take a listen to The Whisper Place – I’d love to hear what you think.

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