Battle Borne Dreams Never Die – new story in Broadswords & Blasters issue 10

I have a new story out – Battle Borne Dreams Never Die is in issue 10 of Broadswords and Blasters.

What’s the story about? I’l leave it to this kind reviewer on Amazon who described the tale as follows:

BATTLE BORNE DREAMS NEVER DIE by Paul Alex Gray. An unconventional romance set in a post-apocalyptic America, with enormous Mechas and Kaiju squabbling over the spoils of civilization. Gray is a skilled storyteller who does a great job of showing us all of the game pieces early and of setting rules that the story abides by. The action beats serve a compelling relationship story which is never thrust into the background, and the ending packs a legitimate emotional punch.

Reading that review made me feel 😍 – I am pretty sure this is the first impartial, independent review of any story I’ve ever written, at least that I know of. It’s great that someone totally independent thought so strongly of the story, and it’s super motivating for me to write more.

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